Case Study: Improving Litigation Outcomes and Employee Relations with HR Acuity

Posted by Barbara E. Hoey on Feb 27, 2019 4:55:40 AM

How HR Acuity Improved Consistency and Reduced Risk

Having recently undergone a furlough that included both instructional and non-instructional staff, a respected East Coast university experienced a surge in litigation claims alleging age and gender discrimination. Even before the layoffs, the university had received more employee-related claims in five years than it had seen in the previous 25 years. Compounded by the complexity of a unionized environment with distinct grievance processes and a decentralized documentation process, human resources at the university was struggling to manage the investigation and documentation of employee- related misconduct allegations.

Download this case study to learn how HR Acuity helped the university:

  • Customize documentation templates for different grievance procedures
  • Coordinate information sharing among stakeholders
  • Centralize documentation and reduce litigation risk
  • Deliver quantitative and qualitative data

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Case Study: Bringing Employee Relations Best Practices to a Renowned Hospital System

Posted by Barbara E. Hoey on Feb 27, 2019 4:53:49 AM

How HR Acuity Delivered a Framework for Consistency

A renowned network of hospitals lacked a consistent methodology for the management of employee-related events, including documentation protocols, conducting workplace investigations, and compliant reporting. Using Excel spreadsheets, color-coded files, and even handwritten notes, human resources at each hospital operated independently, collecting their own employee-related event data. Compounded by differing levels of staff training, ability, and experience among human resource units, the hospitals lacked consistency in their employee relations practices, introducing potential risk to the network.

Download this case study to see how HR Acuity implemented its unique employee relations case management solution to help the hospital system develop a framework for:

  • Standardized documentation
  • Best practice workplace investigations
  • Compliant reporting
  • A consistent employee relations process

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