Case Study: Improving Litigation Outcomes and Employee Relations with HR Acuity

How HR Acuity Improved Consistency and Reduced Risk

Having recently undergone a furlough that included both instructional and non-instructional staff, a respected East Coast university experienced a surge in litigation claims alleging age and gender discrimination. Even before the layoffs, the university had received more employee-related claims in five years than it had seen in the previous 25 years. Compounded by the complexity of a unionized environment with distinct grievance processes and a decentralized documentation process, human resources at the university was struggling to manage the investigation and documentation of employee- related misconduct allegations.

Download this case study to learn how HR Acuity helped the university:

  • Customize documentation templates for different grievance procedures
  • Coordinate information sharing among stakeholders
  • Centralize documentation and reduce litigation risk
  • Deliver quantitative and qualitative data

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