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Case Study

Sanofi Finds HR Acuity Provides Actionable Insights and Analytics to Proactively Address Trending Issues

Identified Trends & Gaps

By focusing on the data that matters, ER leaders at Sanofi are empowered to identify areas of improvement before issues arise.

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Adopted a Purpose-Built Solution

After years of struggling with less-than-perfect tools, HR Acuity helped Sanofi set up dashboards and tools that fit their needs perfectly.

Empowered to Make Necessary Changes

Sanofi has now accumulated two years of data on which they can base their decision-making process and create positive change in the organization.

The Challenge

Kelly Byrne, Head of Employee Relations & HR Business Partner NA HR has been with Sanofi for 30 years. During that time, she created and developed the employee relations team from the ground up – implementing the policies, the systems and the processes. Prior to her building the employee relations function, every HR business partner was handling issues that fell within their client group. There was no consistency or centralization of employee case tracking, and they reached a point where Sanofi’s processes and systems needed to scale with the business.

When centralizing the ER team, the first priority was adopting technology to track employee cases in a single system. However, at Sanofi, the technology procurement process required buy-in from an IT decision maker. At first, Sanofi settled on i-Sight built strictly for tracking cases, but Kelly and her team quickly realized that this solution did not meet their reporting needs and they lacked confidence in the results. They noticed that the ER team could sit together in the conference room, try to run the same report, and they would all get different results. They couldn’t trust the data and it forced the team to manually search, pull files and look at notes.

Lacking trust in the data and the process, Kelly knew she would have to advocate for a purpose-built tool. Kelly explained to IT, “if we are not able to produce accurate data, that’s an issue.” She further conveyed the risks involved if they were involved in a lawsuit. “If our leaders are asking us for data, and it’s going to take days to try and pull something together for them, that’s an issue.” As she presented these issues to decision makers who were comfortable with ServiceNow, Kelly knew it wasn’t the right solution for them. Eventually she and her team convinced IT that they needed HR Acuity.

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Bridgewater, New Jersey

Number of Employees:

13,000 (USA)




Our data allows us to make proactive decisions with regards to education and coaching with leaders whom we identify as having the most issues. We could never do this type of analysis before we had HR Acuity.

The Solution

Quickly after implementation, HR Acuity proved to be the right choice. With the dashboards they were able to create, they have now amassed over two years’ worth of insightful data upon which they can base important decisions. They are now able to clearly see trends and gaps and can take a proactive approach to their ER. Kelly loves that she can look at the dashboards she set up and view which department has the largest number of cases that were investigated. She went on to say, “I can see the types of investigations and understand that most are about harassment. We are now able to look at the data from all angles. This enables us to make actionable decisions, from educating leaders to coaching opportunities and much more. We could never do this type of analysis before we had HR Acuity.”

We are now able to clearly see trends and gaps and can take a proactive approach to our ER.

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