Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Compliance Hotline with a Powerful Employee Relations Platform

Your company ethics hotline might not be enough. Combined with HR Acuity's powerful ER case management and risk management tool, you can achieve the structure, content, and expertise you need to protect your organization and mitigate legal and financial liability.

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Integrates With Most Compliance and Ethics Hotlines

While a hotline is a good first step toward improving culture and protecting both people and the business, it shouldn't be seen as a magic bullet. 

With the addition of a powerful employee relations system, you can evolve from reactive to proactive by drilling down into the root cause of issues and mitigate risk with early, prescriptive intervention.


Data Powered to Articulate Reality & Improve Decisions

Guard against bias and inconsistencies. HR Acuity delivers deeper data that pinpoints problems, explains root cause issues, and improves your ability to make fair, defensible decisions.


Analyze Trends and Proactively Mitigate Risk

Detect underlying patterns to take action before it's too late. Uncover trends signaling issues with individuals, teams, or entire departments using our in-depth reporting and analytics.

Improve Security

Improve Security

Keep your most sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. Our solution removes communications from inboxes, offers multi-level user-based permissions, and provides enterprise-class security to keep data confidential and protected.


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