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Recorded Webinar

The ER Leader’s Guide To Understanding and Advancing Your ER/Q


February 21, 2023


3 pm - 4 pm ET


Deb Muller


Rebecca Trotsky

VP, People and Employee Relations Strategy

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To be an industry leader, your company needs an industry-leading Employee Relations Quotient or ER/Q. ER/Q means being intellectually in touch with your employees and investing in your employee relations – the function that brings the legal and emotional contract between employers and employees to life. A high ER/Q is built upon data-driven insights and proactive decision making. 


Join our discussion as we unpack the first-ever Employee Relations Maturity Model and how you can use it to move the needle in your own organization. No matter where you are on your own HR/ER journey, you can take simple, practical steps to support the safety of your employees and the transparency of how you support your organization. Learn more about different “levels” of maturity and how they are impacted by vision, strategy, processes, decision data, influence level, focus and style. We’ll dive deeper into: 

  • Common challenges 
  • Organizational structures 
  • Signals that identify you’re ready to move to the next level 

Please feel free to extend an invitation to your colleagues to this session. We will be taking questions during the webinar, so bring yours – and make sure you take the quiz ahead of time.  


Watch the recording.