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Expert Webinar: Making the Call – How to Assess Credibility in the Workplace


April 20, 2022


11 am - 12 pm ET


Beth Gramigna

Attorney and Founder at Tribu Partners

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As employee relations professionals, we often need to evaluate credibility when conducting investigations. But what if what really happened or who is telling the truth isn’t clear? A decision of “inconclusive” is not an option – the investigator needs to reach a conclusion. Credibility assessments are essential to help the investigator determine which testimony is more credible.

Watch our guest speaker Beth Gramigna, Attorney and Founder at Tribu Partners, as she discusses how to assess credibility during investigations. In this webinar Beth covers:

  • Key facts to look for and what questions to ask
  • Understanding how to apply credibility factors to an analysis
  • Using a timeline to help assess credibility
  • Proactively managing investigator bias

Beth Gramigna is an employment lawyer, workplace investigator and innovator with decades of experience in the field of workplace investigations. Tribu reflects a conviction that adept and fair investigations, trusted complaint-mechanisms and consistent accountability are critical components of a productive, inclusive and positive workplace culture.

For every attendee, we have donated $10 to No Limits Café, an organization that empowers adults with intellectual disabilities by providing jobs and job training to help them lead fulfilling lives within our communities and to increase awareness of their potential.

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