The HR Acuity® Employee Relations Roundtable Quarterly Call

In addition to our annual Roundtable events, we recently launched the Quarterly Conference Calls exclusively for Roundtable Members. The calls provide an informal forum for participants to ask for help with a current challenge and/or share practices on a specific topic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can participate?

By invitation only, this forum will be limited to past and present Roundtable Participants.

What is it?

A one-hour call to keep the dialog going — sharing challenges and discussing issues on a more regular basis with ER leaders you know and respect.


We will meet via a Zoom Teleconference for all Roundtable attendees who want to participate.


2:00 PM, EST, typically the second Wednesday of the month, 2 weeks before the Quarter ends. Here are the dates for upcoming Roundtable Quarterly Calls.

2020 Roundtable Calls:

  • Wed. March 11
  • Wed. June 10
  • Wed. Sept 16
  • Wed. Dec 16

Add these to your calendar now, so you don’t miss out when the time comes.

How does it work?

About a month prior to each call, we will send an email soliciting topics/issues you want to discuss. We will choose 1-2 topics of interest and send an email with the Topics for the Quarter and invite you to the call. Accept the invitation if you plan to participate and dial in for the call. We will kick off the call and ask the Roundtable Member who submitted the topic to provide some context. Let the discussion begin.

Will the calls be recorded?

To maintain the confidentiality of discussions with the group, these calls will not be recorded.

What does it cost?

It’s FREE! We only ask that you contribute and engage!


Because we want to facilitate the dialogue and keep the discussion and engagement going year-round.