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The Total Economic Impact™ of HR Acuity Employee Relations Case Management (TEI Forrester)

Employees are a company’s most valued asset. The most successful companies maximize their employees’ effectiveness by creating a fair and safe work environment. The way in which issues are managed — when they do arise — can not only impact individual employees but also affect the company’s brand and reputation. It’s critical that: employers listen to employees’ concerns; investigate unacceptable behavior; and ensure all employees are treated in a fair and consistent manner.

The human resources and employee relations role is quickly pivoting from an administrative function to a strategic role, i.e., defining and supporting the overall employee experience (EX) in partnership with senior management. Human resources professionals are increasingly expected to create and evangelize a vision of employee experience, while identifying the levers of employee motivation and productivity. With executives recognizing the strategic importance of employee experience, it’s increasingly critical for human resource professionals to have the tools to manage employee issues fairly.

HR Acuity provides an employee relations case management solution that helps its customers implement best practices for employee relations. The HR Acuity team translates years of employee relations experience into a technology platform that helps HR, employee relations, and related professionals (such as legal departments) document employee performance and behavioral issues, as well as, conduct investigations into higher risk issues such as harassment or discrimination. HR Acuity provides a platform that documents employee issues and offers prepopulated document templates, interview guides, and automatically generated case reports. HR Acuity helps employee relations professionals work in partnership with the executive team to enhance employee experience and proactively address potentially risky situations. With HR Acuity, employee relations professionals now have key data at their fingertips to answer executive questions, often before they are asked, and to drive strategic decisions.