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Empower your managers, improve collaboration with HR and reimagine employee relations across your organization — now with special early access pricing for HR Acuity clients.

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Take advantage of early access to managER

A selected number of HR Acuity clients can now take advantage of our early access program for managER. Strengthen your employee relations, build bridges across your organization and reduce risk – and for a limited time, do it at a significant savings. Participation is limited, so contact us today to get started.

Take advantage of the managER early access program to receive:

  • Special early access pricing for the length of your first subscription term
  • First 3 months free
  • Implementation and manager adoption program included
  • Cancel at any time within your free access period

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What is managER?

managER is a new SaaS application from HR Acuity that helps people leaders to respond to and document employee issues confidently and effectively, in real time, every time.

It’s designed with managers in mind: easy, fast, effective. You already know how HR Acuity strengthens strategic employee relations, enabling you to protect your organization and build a better workplace. managER lets you extend that power across your organization.

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How Can It Help Your Organization

When managers don’t track and document employee issues – like behavioral, performance or attendance – it creates risk: bad documentation, gaps in your employee data and even potential legal consequences, not to mention a poor employee experience.

But most managers don’t have the tools, training or expertise to address HR/ER issues – and it’s not feasible or practical for HR to take care of them all.

It’s been a challenge for decades, until now, with managER.

Equipped with managER, people leaders can document and track issues such as:

  • Behavioral issues (such as insubordination, misconduct, etc.)
  • Performance concerns
  • Policy violations
  • Attendance issues
  • Requests for accommodations
  • Employee-initiated concerns

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Seamlessly Integrate with Your Core HR Acuity Platform

managER seamlessly integrates with the core HR Acuity platform and provides the ability to configure templates and expertise that we help you tailor to your organization’s specifications.

  • Configurable – Access permissions can be automated, templates customized and you can your own HR policies, ensuring confidentiality, consistency and compliance. Managers choose the appropriate template based on the employee issue.

    Connected – Synch with your HR Acuity platform for a single view of employee issues across your organization so you can analyze and foresee trends and patterns

    Governed – Enable your people leaders to lead better with tools that make their jobs easier while you jointly solve employee issues. Managers collaborate with their immediate leader or send to HR approval before delivering to the employee.

Easy Implementation, Gold-Standard Service

Your access comes with easy implementation and HR Acuity’s acclaimed client service program to help you accelerate adoption. The program includes:

  • Ongoing support from your Client Success Manager
  • Communications toolkit to help you communicate to HR, Leadership and your entire manager population
  • Training webinars & HR Acuity Academy, our video training platform
  • Configuration of additional templates, letters and workflows as required and requested
  • The ability to continually provide feedback to HR Acuity

Our managers are the front-line to our business. Empowering them with the right tools is critical for ensuring fair and consistent processes for our business and employees. managER allows our leaders to be successful in addressing employee challenges independently and effectively."

Jeanette St. JacquesDirector of Employee RelationsEquinox

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