HRA Roundtable

Roundtable Participation Guidelines



The HR Acuity Employee Relations Roundtable community provides a forum for organizations to connect, collaborate and share their learnings, practices and processes with regard to Employee Relations. During the Roundtable, participants share processes, information, and seek best practices to improve the effectiveness of their respective organizations.

The purpose of the HR Acuity Employee Relations Roundtable is to build relationships that promote the open and equal exchange of information regarding the employee relations functions which its participants lead. To ensure professionalism, participants agree to abide by the following principles:


All HR Acuity Roundtable events are conducted under the Chatham House Rule. The discussions are considered confidential, and participants may not, explicitly or implicitly, disseminate information outside the event, that discloses the identity of participants or shares information specific to a participant’s organization. For more information about the Chatham House Rule, click here.

Information Exchange and Commitment

HR Acuity Employee Relations Roundtable participants agree to contribute to the conversations, are willing to share the same type and level of information, and abide by the confidentiality principles. Should a participant wish to use generic information acquired from the Roundtable or its participants in a professional format, they must do so while protecting the participant’s identity and company affiliation and attribute the information to the HR Acuity Employee Relations Roundtable.

The HR Acuity Employee Relations Roundtable may use the names and logos of participating organizations for the sole purpose of promoting the Roundtable Community and events. In addition, HR Acuity may limit access to Roundtable information based on participants' willingness, effort and ability to maintain confidentiality.