Racial Equity at a Glance

Build a better, fairer, workplace with HR Acuity. 

Driven by catalysts like #BlackLivesMatter, COVID-19 and the new remote workplace, today's workplace has never been more unsettled. Employees have high expectations for racial equality, gender parity and inclusive workplaces—and they’re looking to their leaders for action.

CEOs, CHROs, Chief Diversity Officers and board members have heard the call and are squarely focused on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. But, you can't measure what you're not tracking.

HR Acuity created the "Racial Equity at a Glance" Brochure to help companies drive diversity, equity, and inclusion across their organization. Build a better, fairer workplace with HR Acuity, an employee relations technology and analytics platform built to dismantle racism and bias.

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