Download the Microsoft Azure SOC 2 Type 2 Report.  

In compliance with our contractual agreements with Microsoft, we must display this message prior to distributing this SOC 2 report from Microsoft Azure. 


You may not distribute this SOC 2 report for Microsoft Azure to other parties, except where Microsoft Azure is a component of the services you deliver to your customers. In this circumstance, you may distribute this SOC 2 report to current and prospective customers / users of your own services. You must provide recipients of this SOC 2 report written documentation of the function that Azure provides as it relates to your services. You must keep a complete and accurate record of entities and the personnel of such entities to whom this SOC 2 report is provided. You must promptly provide copies of such records to Microsoft or Deloitte & Touche LLP upon request. You must display or deliver the language in this paragraph or language that is substantially equivalent to this paragraph to recipients of this SOC 2 report for Microsoft Azure.