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Master EEOC Enforcement Guidance on Workplace Harassment with HR Acuity

Stay ahead of workplace harassment and align with EEOC guidelines with HR Acuity’s comprehensive employee relations case management and workplace investigation software. 

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Key EEOC Resources for Employee Relations

Do you want to learn more about the EEOC’s Guidance and what it means for your organization? Check out our library of resources that can help.

How HR Acuity Helps Mitigate Workplace Harassment

  • Streamlined Harassment Investigations

    HR Acuity's platform is designed to ensure thorough and consistent harassment investigations. With built-in templates and intelligence, you can maintain fairness, transparency and efficiency, upholding the highest standards in documentation and investigation processes. 

  • Anonymous Reporting to Encourage Issue Intake

    Our platform offers multiple intake methods, allowing employees to report harassment incidents anonymously via hotline or online. This flexibility ensures that employees feel safe and confident coming forward, so you can proactively address issues before they escalate.

  • Comprehensive Aftercare for Affected Employees

    After an investigation, it's essential to provide support and follow-up for those affected by harassment. HR Acuity enables you to create tailored follow-up plans, including scheduled check-ins, access to resources and more to ensure employees receive the necessary aftercare. This helps with rebuilding trust, employee retention and preventing turnover.

  • Advanced Analytics for Proactive Risk Management

    HR Acuity's powerful analytics tools enable organizations to uncover trends, biases and patterns related to harassment. By leveraging forward-looking data alerts and interactive dashboards, you can proactively address potential issues before they escalate, thereby reducing risk and fostering a safer work environment.