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You can't unsee employee issues,
but you can see all the facts more clearly with HR Acuity

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Gain deeper visibility into employee relations issues. HR Acuity’s technology delivers data insights that empower ER and HR teams to identify, investigate and track employee issues, analyze trends and get ahead of risk.

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FREE Ray-Bans® |

See a 30-minute demo and design your pair of custom Ray-Ban sunglasses. (valued at $200)*

FREE Ray-Bans®:

See a 30-minute demo and design your pair of custom Ray-Ban sunglasses. (valued at $200)*

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Minimize exposure

Help HR teams get to the bottom of inappropriate moments at work. Sometimes cameras get left on, and people do stupid things. With HR Acuity, HR teams can quickly investigate regrettable moments to determine if it was an honest mistake or something a bit more intentional.

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Make your policies stick harder than glitter

Some expense reports are anything but entertaining. HR Acuity equips ER and HR pros with the essential tools and workflows to track issues, reinforce policies and spot trends – while making it easy to keep case work compliant, transparent and fair.

See how we make it easy to manage cases and scale process consistency.

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Be less socially awkward

Help managers document and course correct when social media #fails. More often than not, social media missteps reflect performance issues. With HR Acuity, managers can document conversations, find out what’s really behind the posts and work with HR to determine if this is a pattern of behavior or just a one-time whoops.

See how you can enable your people leaders to manage employee issues consistently and compliantly.

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HR Acuity Products are Purpose-Built for ER

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Employee Relations and Investigations for ER and HR teams

  • Transform how you identify, investigate and track employee issues to achieve consistency, improve outcomes and mitigate risk with our ER technology.

  • Simplify critical documentation and scale with configurable templates, smart fields and expert workflows based on best practice.

  • Scale process consistency and transparency in a centralized location.

  • Visualize ER data across the organization with purpose-built dashboards.

  • Benchmark your organization against peers and understand how you compare on specific ER metrics and outcomes.

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Employee Issue Management for People Leaders

  • Enable people leaders with confidence, consistency and compliance built right into the process.

  • Extend collaborative HR to every level of leadership.

  • Provide step-by-step guidance to keep leaders respectful, transparent and fair – and make it easier for them to manage through the tough conversations.

  • View employee history, providing context for the current issue.

  • Access policies and accurately document employee issues through the intuitive interface.

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Free Custom Ray-Ban® Sunglasses

*See a demo and receive a pair of customizable Ray-Ban® sunglasses. (valued at $200). Digital gift card will be delivered upon completion of scheduled demo. Limit two giveaways per company.

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