The 2020 HR Acuity® Employee Relations Roundtable

Share best practices in employee relations, discuss the latest trends and challenges, and network with HR leaders.

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The HR Acuity Employee Relations Roundtable brings together HR leaders from around the country for a day and a half of interactive sessions on today’s toughest employee relations challenges.

The invitation-only Roundtable presents a unique opportunity for dialogue and discussion of best practices in employee relations. Attendees return to their organizations energized with valuable knowledge and ready to put into practice new ideas within their teams.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Innovative ideas and helpful strategies to improve your practices
  • A fresh perspective gained through shared knowledge from peers across the industry
  • Insights into trends and challenges unique to employee relations
  • A growing network of employee relations leaders to continue the conversation year-round

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2020 Events

Roundtable East

Enterprise Organizations (5000+ employees)

Wednesday, April 1 and Thursday, April 2
The Ritz-Carlton Westchester,
White Plains, NY

Roundtable West

Organizations with 1000+ employees
Wednesday, May 13 - Thursday, May 14:
Hosted by Qualcomm, Inc.
with accommodations at Hyatt House
San Diego, CA 92121

2020 Agenda

The Agenda may include the topics below, as well as others. 

HR Acuity Client Pre-Session:

An exclusive session for HR Acuity users. Get a sneak preview of new product features, learn how others are using HR Acuity, and provide product ideas and feedback to HR Acuity leadership, along with a networking lunch.

Delivering the Best Employee Experience: 

Everyone is talking about it, but what does it REALLY mean? Participants share practices processes and discuss meaningful ways to build an open and honest culture to reduce stress, improve productivity and increase engagement

Investigations Deep Dive:

Share practices for consistent processes, documentation, outcomes, compliance, remediation and training investigators. Discuss the roles of managers and legal, the handoff process from investigator to decision-maker, review committees and more. 

The Legal Perspective:

Gain insights from both sides - an informative and lively topical discussion from the perspective of a plaintiff attorney and a defending attorney.

Creating Fairer Workplaces:

Discussions will focus on timely issues such as pay equity, diversity and inclusion, eliminating bias, equal-footing policies and more. Share, learn and consider new ways to demonstrate your organization's commitment to creating better and safer work environments.

Data and Insights:

As ER data accumulates, leaders must use analytics to inform business decisions manage ER proactively. Participants will share strategies for capturing and delivering data insights to their stakeholders.

Roundtable Working Groups:

This year we'll break into small groups to collaborate and set ER standards from the ground up. Lend your expertise to this important work. Topics may include ER Roles and Responsibilities, Defining a Case and more. Outcomes will be refined and  published, in time, by the Community.

Cocktails and Conversations:

Keep on sharing and networking in a relaxed environment.

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