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About HR Acuity

Our vision is to make work better, more equitable, and safer for seven million employees by 2025. We are dedicated to continually raising the bar for employee relations by providing the consistency, compliance, and capabilities organizations need to protect their reputation and build a better workplace. 

Our mission

“Our mission is to help organizations protect their reputation and build better workplaces.”

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Our History in the Making

At HR Acuity, We’re on a Mission to Empower Employee Relations

We know the difference between what a well-equipped ER team can do and one that is lacking the necessary tools they need to fulfill their very important role. 

We’re here to make sure every ER team can not only survive those challenges but thrive while confronting them. 

Our CEO, Deb Muller, blazed a trail in your shoes. After holding a variety of HR leadership positions, she realized the importance of employee relations before almost anyone. This led her to launch HR Acuity – the employee relations case management and investigations solution. She wanted to make sure that everyone in employee relations had the tools they needed to document data, track metrics, know when and how to investigate, as well as protect their companies from legal and financial ruin, all the while creating a safe and productive workplace. 

Before Deb, other HR case management solutions served merely as a ticketing system on a glorified Excel spreadsheet. They could help you document your process, but what else? How would you figure out what your data means? How would you get your analytics? And what about investigations? Many tried to figure it out on their own. They used different processes for different issues with different people. Sometimes different tactics for the SAME issue. Such attempts led to incredible inconsistencies that left companies vulnerable to lawsuits, damage awards and legal fees. 

Take Your ER Game to the Next Level

No matter your industry, how you handle employee relations will affect almost every strategic, legal and financial decision your organization makes. Join our community as we help each other continually level up.