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HR Case Management Software for the Automotive Industry

Support a transparent culture, formalize processes and keep your eyes on the data that helps you navigate changing environmental regulations and automotive and transportation industry compliance.

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HR in the Automotive Industry

The automotive and transportation industry is transforming. With almost 2 million employees focusing on engineering, design, sales, transportation services such as Lyft and more, these sectors provide a diverse and wide scope of work. The transportation industry is a multifarious sector with many different types of businesses ranging from car manufacturers to transport companies and airlines.

The human resources department of an automotive company is responsible for the recruitment and hiring of employees, their training and development, compensation, benefits and ensuring all employees are treated fairly. An HR manager often aids in managing employee relations, mitigating issues and managing risk in the workplace.

The automotive industry faces many challenges, including:

  • A higher employee turnover rate than other industries as well as ongoing labor shortages.
  • The need for a centralized data platform with consistent processes that do not silo information between departments.
  • A competitive industry requires competitive salaries, benefits packages and other employee experience and engagement tactics.
  • A continued communication gap between top management and the workforce.
  • Little or no reporting or analytics caused by manual documentation increases the risk of financial loss or reputational damage.
  • The role of HR needs to encompass continued training and development as tasks become redundant due to advancements in AI and robotics.
  • Strict governance and regulatory compliance requirements such as environmental laws in the auto industry.

*The requirement of a system with flexibility and reconfigurability to meet the changing demands of the industry.

Take a look at how HR Acuity is supporting automotive and transportation organizations like yours with customizable, effective HR software.

Implementing an HR automotive software solution supports human resource management in handling employee relations and can assist the HR team with data about the organization and its employees. Human resource software removes the difficulty in hiring the right candidates and many of the struggles with managing the workforce. Organizations can more easily find skilled workers and gain insights into their current staff to identify where improvements can be made.

By automating many of the processes and tasks that don’t require human interaction, such as payroll and benefits administration, human resource leaders can focus on developing engagement strategies and shortening the communication and collaboration gaps between different departments and levels of management.

HR Acuity provides a comprehensive employee engagement software platform that effectively manages all employee data and personal information in a unified database, providing you with analytics that offer valuable insight into the performance and behavior of your employees. Through issue management and risk management software customized to your unique needs, you and the HR team can monitor and track various pain points so that issues can be resolved and prevented with little to no negative impact on productivity and the reputation of your organization.

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How We Help the Automotive Industry. Specifically.

Create A Safe Workplace

Communicate clear policies and processes that help employees know what to do and what to expect when issues arise.

Analyze Trends

Act early to address or prevent ER issues in every part of the business.

Mitigate Risks

Create consistent investigations and case management processes that stay fair and equitable for everyone involved.

ER Solutions Making Automotive Better

Hear from Lyft and LinkedIn on how HR Acuity helped them implement ER best practices and processes.
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