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HR Solutions for Retail

The retail sector is one of the most rapidly changing industries, driven by shifting customer demands, new technologies and the growth of e-commerce. Retailers have to be able to adapt to these changes in order to stay competitive. One of the ways they can do this is by implementing an HR solution that will help them manage their workforce and customer experience in a way that will be successful and productive for both.

Human resources in the retail industry face numerous challenges when it comes to managing their workforce.

  • There is no formal notification process put in place for many retail environments, leading to employees being uninformed or misinformed about important business matters. Outdated methods such as announcements on a bulletin board are not efficient ways to communicate.
  • The massive transformation to e-commerce has put pressure on retailers to develop an online presence to remain competitive, which adds more job duties for employees to fill orders.
  • There is increasing pressure on retailers to speed up processes while still excelling in customer service.
  • Attracting and retaining talent within the retail sphere has become difficult due to staffing shortages.
  • Hiring and laying off employees for casual and seasonal positions to keep up with demand is time-consuming and often inefficient.
  • Theft and misconduct are more common in a retail environment than in various other industries. Therefore, having an employee handbook and a formal investigation process is highly important.
  • Often in retail, the duties of HR support go to the most qualified person – who may or may not have actual HR experience.
  • Answering questions regarding pay and benefits can be complicated when there is little transparency within the workplace.
  • Boosting employee engagement and morale is more difficult in shiftwork settings, as there is rarely a time when all employees are on a site.

Take a look at how HR Acuity is providing retail companies like yours with the HR software solutions they need to build up their employees and promote a productive and relaxed work environment. Read our Sheetz Inc. case study.

HR solutions for retail provide a wide range of benefits to retailers and their employees. HR software can help retail businesses with their workforce management by providing a variety of benefits like recruitment, scheduling and payroll. It can also provide insights into employee performance.

Automated software can help human resource management in boosting customer satisfaction and employee retention and in some cases even payroll services. The best retail HR software includes tools and resources for recruiting and hiring new employees, managing training and setting up benefits programs that can be customized to meet the needs of the organization. Implementing software geared towards employee relations and issue management can also benefit many retailers in maximizing productivity and meeting their organizational goals.

HR Acuity provides organizations with HR solutions for retail that effectively monitor, track and investigate issues that arise in the workplace. Through issue management and risk management software, issues can be resolved quickly and even prevented by using advanced analytics to gain insight into the behaviors of employees. HR Acuity’s extensive employee relations software is customizable to the unique human resource needs of your retail organization, developing a central database to communicate with employees and securely store employee data and information. Your software will become a resource for developing your employee relations while automating many of the other time-consuming HR tasks.

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Employee Relations in Retail

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