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HR for Education

Faculty across multiple schools of education within the same institution, various advisors and support coordinators as well as librarians and tutors all fall under the same umbrella of HR within the educational industry. Each plays a vital role in the growth and development of the country’s next biggest and brightest minds and therefore requires special care from their HR leaders.

Human resource management focuses on the needs of employees and student employees in an educational environment. HR for education deals with the recruitment, development and retention of workers as well as the coordination of benefits and employee relations. Universities must ensure that campuses are safe for their staff and free from the threat of discrimination or misconduct. HR leaders can improve the employee experience for faculty by focusing on culture and engagement that goes beyond the bare minimum expectations.

Challenges human resource professionals face in the education sector include:

  • Feelings from faculty that there is a lack of support and understanding from management of what faculty does on a day-to-day basis.
  • Dealing with a shortage of funding for training, learning and development programs.
  • Retaining employees when there are factors driving faculty to the verge of quitting due to increased workloads, low salaries, little support from administrators and burnout.
  • Supporting employees increased demand for work/life balance.
  • Preparing for digital transformation, such as the implementation of virtual reality and cloud-based and online learning, which requires constant training of new skills.
  • Maintaining clear communication with unions and understanding the wants and needs from all sides.
  • Complicated decision-making as more stakeholders are involved.
  • Understanding various laws that apply to educational institutions, such as affirmative action laws or Title IX.
  • Establishing a formal procedure and process for dealing with Title IX investigations as they arise, including the entire grievance process.
  • Addressing the growing issues of sexual assault and sexual harassment in university settings.
  • Recruiting qualified staff in the midst of a faculty shortage and exclusive hiring environments.
  • Remaining compliant with regulations and restrictions is vital to ensuring a safe campus and workspace.
  • Dealing with human capital management resources that are outdated and time-consuming.
  • Ongoing need from HR for prompt and effective issue and risk management.

Find out more about how HR Acuity is providing customized HR software solutions to large educational institutions like Georgetown University and Princeton University to streamline human resource management. Read our case study on higher education.

HR software is a valuable resource that can be used to solve challenges in the education industry. With it, human resources can manage their employees more efficiently and stay compliant with all regulations and governance mandated to educational institutions. HR software for education has become an important solution for successful organizations, as it streamlines processes and reduces administrative costs, providing more opportunities for the HR team to focus on learning and development.

For educational environments, there is a strong need for enhanced issue management and risk management software that can identify, monitor and manage risks that might occur within an organization. HR Acuity helps HR teams manage their people, processes and technology. Better than spreadsheets or basic databases, the software allows you to create alerts and reports while providing analytical insight into your workforce. Track, investigate and analyze possible issues within your educational institution with employee relations technology that understands employee needs and acts as a centralized database for employee information and data.

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Employee Relations in Higher Education

Learn how HR Acuity’s higher education HR software helps educational institutions stay compliant while navigating critical campus issues like Title IX and sexual harassment claims.

How We Help the Education Industry. Specifically.

Keep Reporting Accurate

Easily update ER reports to share with leaders and faculty.

Create Consistency

Create and execute consistent, clear policies and processes so all employees know what to do and what to expect when issues arise.

Centralize Data

Tap into a single source of the truth for case management, investigations and reporting.

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