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HR Software in Consumer Services

The consumer service industry (also known as customer service) is in a constant state of flux. With the rise of the internet of things (IoT) and smart devices, customers are now able to contact companies 24/7. This increase in accessibility has led to a demand for consumer service representatives that can provide excellent customer service at any time – making the role of human resource teams even more important.

The HR department in a consumer services company is responsible for the entire employee experience, from applicant tracking, talent management and new hire onboarding all the way through payroll, employee benefits, training and performance management. However, to successfully manage each aspect of employee relations in today’s highly complex digital world, an HR professional needs to have efficient HR software. The right HR solution will help them automate the HR process, providing them with the time they need to focus on more important tasks, such as employee relations.

Given the scope of the role, there are several challenges that human resource departments face when it comes to the consumer services industry. These include:

  • Overcoming the high turnover rate of consumer service employees due to boredom and working with stressful customer complaints.
  • Maintaining up-to-date applicant tracking and talent management systems.
  • Staying updated on current employment law standards, HR compliance and regulations pertaining to their specific line of work.
  • Struggling to actively and accurately maintain employee performance management systems and benefits administration that are outdated and time-consuming.
  • Dealing with a lack of qualified candidates due to the high demand for this position.
  • Developing an employee engagement strategy that continues to motivate staff to excel and become leaders within their cohorts and expands the employee experience.
  • Promoting customer-centric employees by building customer success through the satisfaction of their employees.
  • Gaining a clear understanding of what their employees want from them as well as what they need from their core HR management software in order to succeed at their work.
  • Building a culture of trust and respect by making sure that the company is diverse and inclusive and attuned to the employee experience.

Take a closer look at how HR Acuity has helped streamline consumer service organizations through effective, industry-leading HR software.

Through the use of ER and HR software, HR management software can provide better workforce management through streamlined and automated processes customized to the needs of an organization. Issue management software provided by HR Acuity helps prevent employee conflicts from impacting the work and productivity of an employee by analyzing employee data and resolving potential issues before they can stew into something exponential. In effect, this will boost morale and lead to happier customer engagement.

Employee relations HR software solution from HR Acuity can help you in managing your company’s human resource policies, processes and procedures. You’ll gain valuable and in-depth insight into your employee’s position in the employee lifecycle while accurately managing employee information.

HR Acuity’s suite of products has been designed by industry experts who can tailor it to the needs of any HR manager and any HR system. With intuitive, user-friendly employee management, your HR team can see in real-time the benefits that the program provides to building relationships and expanding the expertise of your employees.

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How We Help the Consumer Products Industry. Specifically.

Stay Transparent

Formalize and communicate your policies, processes and ER performance data with everyone in the organization.

Dig Into The Data

Track and analyze case data so you can spot potential issues before they get out of hand.

Be Fair

Create and execute consistent investigative processes so employees know what to do and what to expect when issues arise.

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