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HR & Employee Relations Analytics and Reporting

Make it possible to dive deeper than surface metrics so you can identify the root cause of issues, collaborate on strategy and confidently drive change.

Get Ahead of Issues

Convert real time behavioral data into a strategic advantage by spotting trends, patterns and repeat behaviors in their earliest stages. Detect nuanced bias and articulate the true reasons behind issues related to workplace culture, policy, and more.

Benchmark and Improve

Tap into the only data source curated specifically for employee relations. Gain credibility with context into where your organization really stands on critical issues. Our dashboard helps you focus on your most critical business decisions by prioritizing the initiatives that move your organization forward.

More Analysis, Less Risk

Stay proactive. Our analytics allow you to analyze whatever challenge you may be facing and help you steer clear of regulatory violations, thereby reducing financial and legal risk.

Our Cutting-Edge Human Resources Reporting Puts You in Control.

Do more with your data:

Slice and dice your data: By demographic, allegation, individual employee, department, and more. Our HR reporting software gives you the ability to see what really matters most to you. 

Effortlessly dig deeper: Highlight patterns of behavior and detect and manage repeat issues. Using these HR reporting tools means nothing will be left to slip through the cracks.

Produce court-ready reports on demand to analyze and professionally present your data using a choice of over 50 standard reports. These HR reports for management give you all the information you need to make the most informed decisions.

Easily publish, share, and save reports in a variety of useful formats, including PDF, Excel, CSV, and RTF. When you use this human resources reporting software, you can fit the results into your existing ecosystem with ease.

Saving You Time and Money

Without our HR reporting and analytics solution, you could be wasting a lot of time and money generating reports on your own. We take the burden off your team’s shoulders by generating reports quickly and with high levels of detail and accuracy. If you’re ready to learn more about how we can help you succeed, get in touch with us today to start your demo.

Our Customer are Our Biggest Fans

Hear just some of the people who have benefited from the cutting-edge HR case management software that HR Acuity has to offer:

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The Latest ER Trends, Issues and Challenges, All in One Place

The Eighth Annual Benchmark Study is packed with groundbreaking trends and insights to help elevate your organization’s employee relations strategies.