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Professional Services HR Software

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Professional Services HR Software

The professional services industry continues to boom with job gains and demand for qualified, customer-centric fee earners. Human resource in professional services is responsible for the hiring process, employee development, benefits administration, performance management and all other aspects of the human resource management system. Employees within professional services are highly motivated, eager to achieve career growth and require a deep understanding of what customers need and want. They need to have the ability to build strong relationships. Therefore, the main goal for HR management is to ensure that the organization has a qualified workforce that can provide quality services to the benefit of its clients.

Human resource departments in professional services firms are faced with unique challenges. Professional organizations may struggle with:

  • Maintaining a positive work environment and HR process where employees feel comfortable coming forward with their issues and concerns.
  • Finding qualified employees and retaining them long-term with effective talent management to avoid the cost of turnover. There is often a higher demand for skilled staff than supply.
  • Developing procedures that promote strong employee relations and support the employee experience and employee engagement.
  • Communicating with all levels of management to better organize employee benefits, payroll services, and more.
  • Feeling disconnected from professional service managers who may be driven by reasoning based on skills and experience rather than by the often bureaucratic logic of HR.
  • Disproving the long belief that HR is simply there to handle administrative duties and not a provider of well-thought-out ideas and recommendations.
  • Dealing with human capital management and workforce management resources that are outdated and time-consuming.
  • Keeping the firm relevant in a highly competitive industry, including competition with the growing freelance economy.
  • Lacking training and development opportunities for professionals.
  • Believing that small businesses and organizations with fewer than 100 employees don’t really need HR software.
  • Implementing more automation into their administrative routine to utilize time more efficiently.
  • Embracing change and training employees to ensure they remain qualified as technology in their field evolves, such as within the accounting and staffing sectors.

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Professional services HR software is an important tool for companies in the industry, such as real estate agencies, IT staffing firms and more. It will help you with HR management, employee data, payroll, benefits and recruitment. The best HR software solution can assist an HR team in managing all of their duties by providing an HR management platform where they can store all their employee information and data. Your organization is provided with the HR tool that will make it easier to manage the recruitment process, training, communication and customer support with employees.

HR Acuity provides organizations with human resources software with the customized features it needs to get insights into the performance of their employees and potential for growth. With professional services automation from HR Acuity, your HR team will be able to focus on the HR tasks that matter most to your objectives – and your employees. Effectively manage and track your team so you can proactively manage and mitigate risks and issues before they impact the productivity and reputation of your professional services organization.

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