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HR in Energy & Utilities

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HR in Energy & Utilities

HR in the energy and utilities environment is a challenging and demanding role. There are over 7.8 million jobs in the energy industry of the United States, serving in areas such as electric power generation, energy efficiency and more. In addition to jobs in oil and gas, there is also a rising interest and evolution toward renewable, clean energy like wind and solar.

In the energy and utilities sector, HR is in charge of recruiting talent and hiring employees as well as providing them with training and development. They must also consider employee relations, creating consistency and reliability across workers’ day-to-day as well as in the event of potential workplace issues such as harassment or discrimination.

Human resources are faced with a number of challenges in the energy, utilities and oil and gas industry, which include:

  • Staying up to date with rapidly changing technologies and new regulations
  • Working with workforce boards, unions and member employees.
  • Changing the landscape of employee relations to match the demands of an increasingly millennial workforce, which now sits at about 32% of the energy sector.
  • Overcoming the generational divide across a workforce that is diverse in both age and experience.
  • Finding ways to promote diversity and inclusion in a continually male-dominated workforce.
  • Dealing with a high turnover rate as employees search for opportunities elsewhere.
  • Lacking skilled labor to take on lifelong management positions.
  • Hiring employment from external sources rather than promoting internally.
  • Competing for top tech talent as the industry continues to advance and demand new skill sets

Read our case study about how HR Acuity has helped its energy and utilities clients better manage employee issues and assess risks through customized HR software built to their needs.

HR software is a powerful tool that can help with recruitment, onboarding, performance management, succession planning and other HR needs. Leaders within the energy, utilities and oil and gas industry have increasingly depended on HR software to succeed, such as using metrics and workforce analytics available from employee relations software from HR Acuity. The goal of HR software in the energy and utilities industry is to help companies create a sustainable work environment by balancing their needs with the needs of their employees. As a result, it’s important for HR and ER departments to collect data on the entire workforce in order to understand what problems may be occurring that could lead to decreased productivity or even employee turnover.

HR Acuity is a valuable resource for HR teams within the oil and gas and renewable energy industries. By using this software, HR leaders are able to better identify the root causes of issues within their company’s workforce. They are also able to determine trends, patterns or specific pain points that may be affecting the relationships between employees. This information can then be used for internal communications purposes or for developing training programs designed to help an operation.

With HR Acuity for your HR software, you gain real-time access to data and analytics that can help you make better decisions, a personalized approach to workforce management, a full suite of talent management solutions, and a team of experts who understand your needs.

Request your free demo from HR Acuity and begin a conversation to learn more about how we can help you better manage your employee data with the latest in analytical software.

How We Help the Energy & Utilities Industry. Specifically.

Create Safe Workplaces

Communicate clear policies and processes that help employees know what to do and what to expect when issues arise.

Analyze Trends

Act early to address or prevent ER issues in every part of the business.

Mitigate Risks

Create consistent investigations and case management processes that stay fair and equitable for everyone involved.

ER Across Industries

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