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Support a transparent culture, formalize processes and keep your eyes on the data that helps you set the company up for fast paced growth that stays healthy.

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HR in Tech Companies

Take a look at how HR Acuity is helping tech companies like yours to streamline their employee relations through effective, customized HR software. Read out case studies on LinkedIn and Lyft.

The HR tech market has multiple verticals such as human resources software, payroll software and benefits management software. Luckily, for tech companies, many are quick to approach HR tech as a solution to streamline their HR process. Choosing the right HR technology is where it can become trickier for organizations. HR tech is critical to software development companies, as it helps to identify the right skills – and therefore the right tech employees – needed for individual projects.

Human capital management (also known as workforce management) systems provide a platform for HR in tech companies and other managers to schedule tasks and projects for team members and re-allocate them in the event of sickness or absence. Roles and duties can be handled much more efficiently through the use of HR software solutions that can be customized to the unique needs of a tech company.

HR Acuity provides centralized issue management and risk management software and HR tech solutions that work to bridge the communication gap between management and tech employees. It monitors, tracks and supports the investigation process so that issues don’t escalate and productivity and the positive culture of your organization don’t suffer. Our customized employee relations platform provides your HR team with one place to access data on employee performance and information, as well as gain valuable insights into their behavior so you can foster strong relationships within the workplace.

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ER Across Industries

Hear from Lyft and LinkedIn on how HR Acuity helped them implement ER best practices and processes.
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How We Help the Tech Companies. Specifically.

Stay Transparent

Formalize and communicate your policies, processes and ER performance data with everyone in the organization.

Dig Into The Data

Track and analyze case data so you can spot potential issues before they get out of hand.

Be Fair

Create and execute consistent investigative processes so employees know what to do and what to expect when issues arise.

The HR Software for Tech Companies

HR Acuity: Powering Employee Relations Processes at Lyft and Linkedin. Hear from Lyft and LinkedIn on how HR Acuity helped them implement human resources best practices and processes.
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Customer Testimonial: Lyft & LinkedIn

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