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Manage employee issues the right way. Every time.

The only centralized platform purpose-built for ER and HR

Easily access, track and manage all things ER, including cases and investigations, in one location.

Leverage cutting-edge analytics and insights

Easily identify risks and issues across your entire organization with standard and configurable reports, heat maps and more.

Reduce risk of litigation, settlements and other damaging issues

Handle employee relations issues equitably and appropriately with builtin intelligence and best practices.

We’re the #1 Employee Relations Case Management Solution for a reason.

A Forrester TEI study concluded that ER technology like HR Acuity can reduce risk, improve turnover rates, and improve ER team efficacy, all of which translates into significant cost and resource savings. And those are the kind of results that can be transformational for an entire organization.


Improve ER Team Productivity by 20%
Mitigate $2.4m in ER Case Litigation Risk
Provide a 520% Return on Investment