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empowER takes the collective knowledge of employee relations professionals from all industries and shares it openly. Builds on it. Optimizes it. It’s free to join and we want you to be a part of it. 

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As a member, you’ll be able to ask questions, get advice and collaborate with other ER pros within empowER. Guaranteed, you’ll walk away with fresh ideas, better approaches and new solutions for your employee relations team and your entire organization.

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ER professionals from all over have joined empowER and they are all in.
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We Want to Make ER Better. And We Need YOU to Do It.

Every time ER leaders get together and share their experiences, we are all better for it. We hear new trending issues, and even better, trending tactics. Do all of them work? No, but when we’re all together, we learn from each other. Because hearing about a problem in the automotive industry might trigger a solution from retail. Or non-profit. Or telecom. That’s the beauty of empowER. It takes our failures, successes and questions, and puts them out into the ether. What comes back? Suggestions, answers and solutions, but most importantly, more experienced, seasoned ER professionals.

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If you’re managing employee relations issues at your organization, you can join empowER for free!

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