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- Empower People Leaders for Better ER Results

Issues happen where your people leaders are.

managER takes collaborative employee relations to the next level by giving your people leaders and ER managers the visibility they need to manage Employee Relations proactively, confidently, consistently, and equitably.

Empowered People Leaders. Proactive Responses.

Build Trust

Help people leaders build trust with employees by addressing issues quickly, consistently and fairly.

Drive Accountability

Support the expectation that people leaders will manage issues correctly with step-by-step prescriptive processes.

Uncover Insights to Mitigate Risk

Protect your brand with visibility into issues and patterns deep within the organization to mitigate risk.

Identify Trends and Concerns

Discover areas of concern across the organization related to misbehavior, policy, culture and inclusion.

Make Tough Conversations Easier

Provide step-by-step guidance to help your people leaders remain respectful, transparent and equitable. Our customizable workflows, processes and templates prepare them to feel confident about what to say and do when they are faced with team issues.

empowers your leaders to:

Everything Managers Need to Confidently Manage Employee Relations

With managER, people leaders can:

  • Manage day-to-day employee issues as they arise
  • View employee history, providing context for the current issue
  • Access policies and accurately document employee issues through the intuitive interface
  • Receive real-time training and guidance on common issues
  • Configure letter templates based on best practices
  • Receive push notifications on next steps, which help to guide the process

More Accessibility

Just 8% of ER professionals are very confident their people leaders have easy access to documents related to an employee’s history.

More Confidence

Less than 1 in 4 ER professionals is convinced that their people leaders know when to ask for help or escalate an issue.

More Tech

Only 12% of ER professionals report that their people leaders use tech-based solutions to track employee issues.

Why ER Tools for People Leaders is a Smart Move

Your organization’s first response to employee issues usually happens at the people leader level. Why risk it with unprepared leaders?

Our Customers

These smart organizations train their people leaders to handle issues confidently, consistently and equitably every day.

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Hear just some of the people who have benefited from the cutting-edge HR case management software that HR Acuity has to offer:

People Leaders Excel With

Did you know that only 2% of ER professionals are “very confident” that their managers possess sufficient skills to properly address employee issues? managER is the only solution designed to help close this gap with proven processes, documentation, triage support, and analytics.

Read our case study to learn how managER helps ER Teams increase their HR maturity level by scaling their reach.

People Leaders Playbook

Discover why organizations that empower people leaders improve productivity and employee morale, build trust with employees, reduce brand risk, and enhance employee experience.