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Software for The HR Documentation Process

Get ER solutions that help you thrive with the data you need to raise the bar. Our platform helps you streamline the HR documentation process, collecting all the information from your investigations in a single place to make finding data easier and faster. This employee documentation software helps professionals keep track of issues in the most consistent and comprehensive manner.

Check all the right boxes, and then some.

  • Adhere to Standards

    Consistent outcomes start with defined processes. Ensuring process and documentation consistency from the get-go means better data and more trust in the HR team to handle any issue with, well, acuity.

  • Centralize Access

    Enjoy one easily accessible place to keep your data, so it’s always available wherever you are, whenever you need it, regardless of turnover or attrition.

  • Deliver Proactive Prevention

    Stay ahead of issues with intuitive reports that help you identify troubling patterns, trends, or process gaps earlier, hopefully before the need for an investigation.

Investigations Done Right

Our HR Solutions for Workplace Investigations Management give you the clear and consistent processes every ER team needs. Our employee management documentation solutions are: 

  • Battle-Tested

    Our proprietary processes guide you through best practices

  • Compliance-Ready

    Built-in protocols help you remain compliant

  • Built to Build Trust

    Greater transparency builds trust and shows your company’s commitment to equitable treatment

Who We Work With

Our employee file software helps customers when it comes to documenting HR issues by giving them the policies, processes and practices to optimize their ER.

Empower Your People Leaders With

Give your people leaders the power to manage employee issues confidently, consistently, and equitably with our employee file management software.

Confident, Informed People Leaders Allow You To:

  • Build trust

    Address employee issues consistently

  • Stay confident and consistent

    Follow step-by-step, standardized processes

  • Identify trends and concerns faster

    Uncover hidden issues to protect your organization

  • Detect and defuse

    Discover issues earlier, before they snowball

Our Customer are Our Biggest Fans

Hear just some of the people who have benefited from the cutting-edge HR case management software that HR Acuity has to offer:

Working Well With Others

Odds are, you already have software for a variety of other HR and ER functions. That’s why we designed our case management solutions to easily and seamlessly work with what you have. We offer three data in/data out integration options, enabling you to connect to your employee or business data without needing to have your IT person on speed dial.

The end result not only saves you time but feels like you are working within a single system that takes care of all your ER software needs.

We have successfully integrated with:

Why Wonder if HR Acuity Can Help Your Company When You Can See for Yourself?

No matter what industry you are in, how you handle employee relations will affect almost every strategic, legal and financial decision your organization makes. See how we can help you raise the bar on ER. 

Designing & Optimizing Your ER Organization

Designed to guide your team, from defining your scope and structure to identifying what skill sets your team needs to acquire or build, our “Designing & Optimizing Your ER Organization” playbook arms you with best practices, resources, and examples you can use to build a strong ER foundation.

The Latest ER Trends, Issues and Challenges, All in One Place

The Eighth Annual Benchmark Study is packed with groundbreaking trends and insights to help elevate your organization’s employee relations strategies.