HR Risk & Compliance Management

Navigate Employee Relations With Precision

It’s easy to lose your way in some workplace issues. That’s why HR Acuity is so much more than case management; it’s also a human resource risk management tool. We give you access to the processes, content, expertise, and experience you need to protect your organization while mitigating legal and financial liability.

Reduce the HR Risks of Employee Litigation

Clear and court-ready documentation is always at your fingertips. Our HR risk management solutions offer approved interview standards so that best practices become the default for your ER Team.

Increase Security

Keep your most private information private. Our HR compliance management software puts all your data in one centralized location, makes it easy to access, and delivers top-level security to protect your confidential data.

Get Consistent Outcomes

Easily find and study the history of similar HR issues. Examine how they were handled, so that you can apply the same standards to current issues. Consistency is key, and our solution is designed to ensure equitable and appropriate treatment for employees with fewer biases and inconsistencies.

Predict and Prevent

Get ahead of it all. Discover trends and patterns that could lead to greater issues by simply using our comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Defining Our Terms

A couple of questions and answers regarding risk so we can all be on the same page.
HR risks can be either internal or external. An internal example could be a biased hiring process or hiring the wrong candidate. Another could be bad or inappropriate behavior from employees. External risks run the gamut from loss of client data to the incorrect handling of mergers and acquisitions to running afoul of regulatory bodies. All of these risks, if not handled quickly and deftly, can lead to huge legal and financial challenges.
An HR risk assessment involves reviewing all practices and policies for potential risks to employees and the workplace as a whole. Risk assessment should be done periodically and before any major changes occur to the employees or the organization as a whole.
Running a risk assessment is a great place to start, but with corporate trends and climates changing so fast these days, having the latest and smartest best practices and processes can do a lot of that heavy lifting. That’s where HR Acuity comes in with their battle-tested case management software solutions.

You might be wondering: Can HR Acuity really help my company?

No matter what size or industry you are in, how you handle employee relations will affect almost every strategic, legal and financial decision your organization makes. See how we can help you specifically navigate these waters.

See How We Did It

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