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Employee Relations and HR Solutions Software from HR Acuity

Deal with issues consistently, equitably and transparently with state-of-the-art HR software that helps your team manage investigations, empower people leaders, analyze data, and so much more. Our comprehensive and intuitive HR tools help you track, store, investigate and analyze your employee relations data, all while mitigating risk.

A Complete ER and Investigations Solution

The HR case management system from HR Acuity equips you with powerful insights to ensure compliance, protect your brand and achieve organizational effectiveness.

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Proactive Employee Relations Solutions That Scale

Things are changing too quickly. With ER teams facing more and more diverse challenges, HR and Compliance teams need new, updated methods to stay proactive more effectively. Our HR tools help you keep policies updated, document employee relations issues more consistently, improve outcomes, and mitigate risk.

  • Standardize your process
  • Centralize access
  • Deliver proactive prevention

Be a Better Investigator

Our best practice guidance strengthens your investigative skills to create consistently fair and equitable outcomes.

Respond the Right Way

Workplace issues can get murky. We help you gain clarity with a step-by-step Best Practice Process. Here’s a peek:

  • Plan

    How to set the tone with key information and prepare for interviews

  • Investigate

    How to conduct better interviews and document them correctly

  • Determine

    How to review findings, remediate, and check-in with organization stakeholders

Workplace Investigations Management

Every employee issue is different, but how you respond shouldn’t be. Consistent processes and practices build trust and support equitable outcomes. Our workplace investigations management services are:

  • Battle-tested

    Our experts have proven success with our best practices so you don’t have to.

  • Compliance Friendly

    Our built-in protocols help you remain compliant so you can stay focused on what matters.

  • See-Thru

    Our transparent investigation practices build trust and show commitment to equitable treatment.

for People Leaders

Enable people leaders with confidence, consistency and compliance built right into a process they can follow. 

Confident, informed leaders allow you to:

  • Build trust

    Address employee issues consistently

  • Stay consistent

    Follow step-by-step, standardized processes

  • See insights earlier

    Uncover hidden issues to protect your organization

  • Detect and defuse

    Uncover hidden issues to protect your organization

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Reporting & Analytics

Tracking patterns, behaviors and trends starts with the right data. 

  • Uncover Trends, Patterns and Hotspots

    Look deeper into teams and individuals

  • Compare and Improve

    Benchmark your organization against others

  • More Analysis. Less Risk

    Mitigate legal and financial risk with accurate reports

Risk & Compliance

Manage organizational risk beyond ER issues.

  • Reduce Litigation Risk

    Provide defensible documentation at a moments notice

  • Improve Security

    Protect your organization’s most sensitive data

  • Consistent Remediation, Consistent Outcomes

    Guard the workforce against biases

Confidentiality & Security

We’ve spent our careers being “the vault.” It’s why we’ve prioritized data center, application, network and authentication security to create the most technologically secure case management solution available.

  • Data Center Security

    Servers comply with top security standards

  • Application Security

    Built by internal and external experts and processes

  • Network Security

    All data is encrypted with top level security

  • Authentication Security

    Permissions ensure accessibility and confidentiality

We have successfully integrated with:

Working Well
With Others

Odds are, you already have software for a variety of other HR and ER functions. That’s why we designed our HR case management solutions to easily and seamlessly work with what you have. We offer three data in/data out integration options, enabling you to connect to your employee or business data without needing to have your IT person on speed dial.

The end result not only saves you time but feels like you are working within a single system that takes care of all your ER software needs.

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No matter what industry you are in, how you handle employee relations will affect almost every strategic, legal and financial decision your organization makes. Let us show you a better way.

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