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AI Governance Policy

Document version: 1.0
Effective date: 1/23/2024


The purpose of this document is to define the controls and outline the guiding principles that define HR Acuity’s posture on the use of AI in its systems, products, features and services.  

AI Ethics Pillars

HR Acuity outlines the following key pillars for responsible AI. These principles are guided by our perspective of being ethical and human centric in our approach.  


  • Fairness refers to our ability to ensure that, with the use of AI in our products and practices, the systems do not discriminate against any group or individual. This is ensured through the following practices: 
  • Auditing data usage and its impact for biases  
  • Periodic review of underlying data models  



  • Information about HR Acuity’s AI usage is made available to our end users, to the extent that HR Acuity can disclose such information.  



  • HR Acuity’s AI models do not use employee or PII data. Additionally, this pillar ensures that end users are not led to believe that AI generated outputs are human generated.  



  • HR Acuity maintains high standards of Information Security and Governance policies. The use of AI within HR Acuity should adhere to our Information Security policies.  



  • HR Acuity can explain the operational mechanisms and decisions of the underlying models to end users and clients, upon request. 

AI Development Principles

All AI development work done will adhere to the principles stated below:

  • HR Acuity Information security and data privacy extends to and is fulfilled by all internal and commercial use of AI
  • Customer case details, employee data, case reports, and attachments are never shared with a third party
  • No customer data including user input is used to train models owned by a third party
  • No models are trained with employee or customer PII
  • Customer intellectual property is not shared with other customers or third parties
  • HR Acuity intellectual property is not shared with third parties unless use is contractually limited to that necessary to provide service

AI Governance

HR Acuity has an established governing body of cross-functional stakeholders, whose responsibilities include:

  • Establishing an overall accountable AI strategy
  • Ensuring the adherence to the AI Ethics Pillars
  • Monitoring usage and auditing for anomalies
  • Ensuring seamless integration of technologies with existing infrastructure to enable operational efficiencies


This cross-functional AI governing body will meet periodically to review and revise policies, audit processes and ensure adherence to principles. The governing body will also be responsible for disciplinary actions for non-adherence to this policy.