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NEW DATA: Eighth Annual ER Benchmark Study Just Launched
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Employee Relations Survey Yields Interesting Results

Dec 14, 2016
HR Acuity

HR Acuity was pleased to announce the arrival of the 2016 Employee Relations Benchmark Study: a 57-page compendium on Employee Relations processes and procedures. Responses from 74 businesses representing over 870,000 employees provided tremendous insight into employee relations management models, documentation standards, case management trends, volume, complexity, and much more.

The 15-page Executive Summary can be downloaded for free here.

To gain even more insight, we reached out to those who downloaded the Benchmark Study and asked them to participate in a brief survey about their own standards and processes.

Below are the results and our own observations.

Employee Relations Survey Results


The average interest level from leadership in Employee Relations data is 82%. This is a bit higher than we expected, and certainly speaks to the growing demand for “actionable intelligence” around Employee Relations.


No surprises here. The vast majority of our clients used Paper or Word prior to HR Acuity. Some of those in the “other” category were HRIS systems or GRC solutions. These systems aren’t necessarily built with Employee Relations in mind, but can work in a pinch. A few others were HR Acuity clients, which makes us very happy!


Again- no surprises, and the “others” were similar to the above with the addition of Powerpoint.

What We Learned from Our Brief Employee Relations Survey

Our takeaway from this (very informal) survey is simple—interest in Employee Relations data is rising, yet tools to collaborate on cases and report on them once complete are limited at best.

If you read the sentence above and thought “that’s me!”, we hope you’ll take the time to check us out. We make it simple to move away from paper or spreadsheets, and provide powerful analytics that will allow you and your team to really “connect the dots” of your Employee Relations data and turn independent data points into a cohesive story.

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