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HR Acuity Employee Spotlight: Amanda Tufano

Apr 30, 2021
HR Acuity

For this April’s Employee Spotlight, we would like to introduce you to Amanda Tufano, an Enterprise Sales Executive at HR Acuity.

Amanda has been with HR Acuity for almost two years. Before joining HR Acuity, Amanda was in the PEO space, working with employee benefits and payroll. 

What brought Amanda to HR Acuity was the company’s mission and our CEO, Deb Muller. Amanda listened to a podcast featuring Deb and realized they shared similar values and ideas about the industry. Amanda then joined HR Acuity in the midst of the #MeToo movement, which further fueled her desire to help create better and safer workplaces across the globe. 

Since starting as an Account Executive with HR Acuity, Amanda’s career has had a similar upward trajectory as the company she represents. In Q1, Amanda was the top performer of the Sales Team. (Way to go Amanda!) One of the biggest contributing factors to her success has been her approach: Amanda’s caring, thoughtful and persistent outreach style has endeared to her to both prospects and clients alike. She really loves the interaction with ER leaders in the variety of industries she’s worked with, whether they are in the non-profit, finance, or tech industry.  She’s found it exciting to collaborate with these professionals and learn their different business strategies and objectives.

When we asked Amanda what she enjoys most about working at HR Acuity, she said, “I love the people – whether they are internal or external. The Sales Team has a lot of fun on our team calls and virtual happy hours – we all have alike personalities. I can’t wait until we can travel again to see everyone in person.”

In her free time (and post-Covid), Amanda looks forward to rekindling her love of traveling; sheat2 had a goal of traveling to three countries per year, which she hopes to be able to resume going forward. In the man time, Amanda keeps busy with DIY projects in her new house, planning her wedding scheduled for the fall, and fostering rescue animals. (She now has a “foster fail” puppy named Violet.)

Amanda’s fun personality makes her a great addition to the HR Acuity Team. She #WorksSmart to achieve her goals and our company’s objectives and makes a sensational addition to the team.

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