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HR Acuity Employee Spotlight: Susan Kovalesky

Feb 25, 2021
HR Acuity

For February’s Employee Spotlight Blog, we would like to introduce you to Susan Kovalesky, an Accountant at HR Acuity. Susan joined the HR Acuity team 8-years ago this month. But, it wasn’t until 2021 that Susan officially joined the team as a full-time HRA employee.

Before HR Acuity, Susan worked as an accounting consultant for various companies. In HR Acuity’s early days, Susan contributed just a few hours a week. Susan has watched the HR Acuity team and its client base IMG_5400(along with her commitment to the company!) grow rapidly over the past 7 years and is happy to officially join HR Acuity on a full-time basis.

Alongside the company’s physical growth, Susan has experienced her own career growth. Susan has fully automated the company’s billing system and developed and streamlined the financial system.

The aspect that Susan enjoys most about working for HR Acuity is the people. “The pandemic has been challenging for many people, but I’ve really enjoyed being able to remotely connect with the team at least three times per week on team calls.” Susan’s position was remote prior to Covid-19, so she didn’t interact regularly with many team members prior to the whole company going remote. A little fun fact about Susan is that she worked for Deb for 7 years before meeting her! They finally met in-person at the 2019 holiday party in our office.

In her free time, Susan really enjoys reading. One of her favorite genres is historical fiction. Every year, she aims to read at least 100 books. So far, she has already read 25 books and it’s only February! Susan is also a big sports fan – her favorite baseball team is the Phillies. She is excited to attend games in the near future.

The HR Acuity team is excited to finally welcome Susan to the team as an official full-time employee. We are lucky to have a dedicated and kind team member who displays the the #AllIn quality.

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