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Team Member Profile: Sue Bowens, Client Engagement Manager, Joins People and Technology for Great Relationships

Jul 30, 2019
HR Acuity


“Love” isn’t a word you hear all that often in business contexts – but it’s how Sue Bowens, Client Engagement Manager, feels about working at HR Acuity.

“I love it here” she says.  “We have a great product and terrific clients who are enjoyable to work with.”

Sue spends most of her time working directly with clients – she’s one of the team leads that you’d engage with just after becoming an HR Acuity client. Her role is to make sure clients are welcomed, on-boarded and have a smooth journey to make sure they get the most value possible from HR Acuity.

That means listening closely to them to understand their needs and goals, the structure of the organization, their data requirements and much more to create a tailored roadmap to success. She then works together with the client over weeks to ensure a seamless roll-out through training and ongoing adoption touch-points.

“A Marriage of People and Technology”

It’s a perfect fit for Sue, who describes her background as a “marriage of people and technology.” She joined HR Acuity nearly 3 years ago after many years at a large financial services firm where she held a series of technical and training roles. She also has worked as a project manager, in marketing, and even ran a basketball league for a non-profit organization – but it’s in technical training where her heart lies!

“I like people and I like the ins and outs of technology, so technical training is the best,” she says. “I work very closely with clients over time and make sure that the site is set up to meet their needs. It becomes a relationship and often we become friends. It is rewarding and fun.”

Finding What She’s Looking For

Other things Sue finds rewarding and fun – and yes, even loves – are being active and being outdoors. She enjoys running, biking and going to the gym, and recently completed a triathlon. The beach is one of her favorite escapes, and she likes to go there with her husband and two sons.

And, as everyone in the office knows, she loves U2. She saw them for the first time a few years ago and if she is not their biggest fan, she is certainly up there.

Finally, she appreciates her work environment and colleagues. “At HR Acuity, we get to work with great, smart, open-minded people,” Sue says. “I could not ask for anything more.”

Thank you, Sue, for all you do for our clients and your colleagues. Bono could not have said it better: It seems like you have found what you were looking for. We love having you here.

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