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Return to Office: Redefining and Rebuilding Company Culture


February 27, 2024


1 pm - 2 pm


Shea Holman

Counsel & Chief Operating Officer

As organizations mandate the return of employees to the physical office, a concerning surge in interpersonal conflicts has surfaced, unveiling larger issues such as micro-aggressions, bias and workplace misconduct.

Join us on February 27 at 1:00pm ET for a webinar led by Shea Holman, Counsel and Chief Operating Officer at the Purple Method, as she addresses these challenges head-on and emphasizes the critical importance of re-evaluating and rebuilding company culture as organizations return to office. During the session, Shea will provide:

  • Practical insights into recognizing and effectively addressing issues such as micro-aggressions, bias and workplace misconduct.
  • Tools and approaches to initiate a cultural reset within your organization.
  • Her perspective on other emerging workplace issues and new considerations to keep in mind in 2024.

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