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HR Workplace Investigations Management

Run consistent, fair investigations beginning to end.
When an HR investigation is required, you need to make sure it’s done properly. Conduct all your workplace and employee investigations using a consistent structure and process that results in thorough, transparent, and equitable fact-finding.


Our proprietary three-step methodology is the result of result of years of trial and error, tech and human experience. It guides you through an intuitive process based on best practices — allowing for more transparency, employee trust, and improved accuracy and defensibility.


Best practices and proven interview guides ensure your investigators will:
  • Ask the right people the right questions
  • Protect attorney-client privilege when required
  • Help your organization stay compliant

All the Tools HR Investigators Need

Interview Guides

Don't leave any human resources investigation up to chance. Have your investigators ask the right people the right questions with standardized templates. Our workplace investigation software helps keep you on track so your interviews stay focused and you get the information you need.

Airtight Documentation

Make sure all parties are informed at every step of the process by documenting and maintaining complete records of all communications. With the help of our employee investigation software, you can have accurate documentation that will bolster your case if any disputes arise during the process.

Protecting the Workflow

Protect your investigator and the organization against retaliation by maintaining compliant best practices and managing handoffs between investigators and decision-makers. When you have our HR investigation software working for you, it’s easy to ensure everything will be in perfect order.

Current Best Practices

Guide investigators through every step with best practices for consistently better outcomes. This solution provides you with a template for success.

Want to see the investigation process in action?

See it for yourself. Let our demo team show you the path to better investigations with more consistent outcomes. 

Solutions for HR Investigations Management

Transform how you document, store and investigate your employee relations issues to get more consistent and equitable results.

We Help Organizations by Giving Them the Policies, Processes and Practices to Optimize Their Employee Relations.

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Reduce the HR Risks of Employee Litigation

Maybe you’re new to HR investigations…let’s cover some basics.

An HR investigation occurs when there is an issue or misconduct allegation brought to HR that needs resolving. Such an investigation needs to be done equitably, consistently and comply with local, state and federal laws.

Short answer? They investigate. Investigators receive the allegations, question individuals, assess the situation once they have all the data, document the entire process and then take appropriate action to ensure a proper and just outcome.

When any allegation or issue raised from any employee is deemed to be credible regarding abuse, harassment or a critical lapse in professional judgment.

Everyday issues can often be resolved in 1-3 business days. However, various factors can prolong investigations including the severity and complexity of the issue, how many people are involved, their availability for interviews, and level of cooperation.

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