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ICYMI: An Increase in Workplace Harassment Allegations is Creating Better Workplaces

Aug 8, 2019

The modern workplace is changing for the better. Not only are work environments moving toward a more employee-centric model, but they are also gradually developing better workplace practices that could drive cultural changes.The Third Annual HR Acuity Employee Relations (ER) Benchmark Study analyzed these changes as they relate to harassment and misconduct in the workplace and unveiled some surprising results.

The study analyzed 150 leading enterprises with more than 4.4 million employees between them and found that both sexual and non-sexual harassment allegations have increased by more than half since 2017. And almost half of organizations expect these harassment claims to grow in number over the next year. However, the research also revealed that as the number of allegations rises, so, too, does the quality of practices used to handle and investigate these claims.

The ER Benchmark Study examines what caused the increase in allegations over the past year, what ER and human resources departments can and are doing to deal with this heavier workload and how these allegations are working to change workplaces for the better.