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IT leadership: 3 ways to boost your Generational IQ (GQ)

Mar 10, 2023

Today's workforce spans a wider generational range than ever before. These tips can help you bridge the age gap and foster strong, collaborative teams

With so many generations bringing their values, preferences, and opinions about how things should be done into the workplace, teams are bound to run into challenges that require a culturally competent leader. Left unaddressed, inter-generational differences can weaken employee engagement, halt productivity, and drive unnecessary staff turnover – three things no CIO can afford at a time when the business expects IT to drive revenue while cutting costs.

Raising your own awareness of cross-generational interactions can help you develop the Generational IQ (GQ) you need to lead, influence, and work with people of all ages. As your role as CIO becomes less about the hard tech itself and more about communicating and collaborating around data across teams, now is the time to boost your GQ. Here are three ways to do that…