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Radio Recap: #MeToo & The Workplace

Jun 6, 2018

From standup comedy to tech to Hollywood, and just about every industry in-between, have all been affected by #MeToo—and with the outstanding number of those who’ve experienced sexual harassment it’s no wonder why. In February, Stop Street Harassment released results from its national survey revealing 81%  of women and 43% of men have experienced some form of sexual misconduct or assault in their lives. According to Forbes, since the first Bill Cosby trial in June of 2017 and as of May 14thof this year, 298 high-profile American executives have been let go because of sexual improprieties.Although the House of Representatives committed to training all workers, including its junior interns, on sexual harassment measures, current federal law only covers workplaces with 15 or more employees and the federal statute of limitations for filing suit can be as short as 180 days.

Even if a case is won, damages can be capped at $300,000 — or less if they work at a small company.  So how are workplaces, and more male-dominated industries like the comedy circuit, increasing their efforts to eradicate sexual harassment? Is firing individual offenders enough?

Do there need to be workshops? Here with me to discuss #MeToo and Time’s Up in the workplace are Debbie Muller, the CEO and Founder of HR Acuity and comedian Joyelle Johnson to discuss sexual harassment in the comedy circuit.