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You Just Had a #MeToo Moment at Work. What Now?

May 7, 2018

Despite all the conversation and media attention regarding #MeToo, it will take time to stop inappropriate behaviors in the work environment. Yet the EEOC estimated that over 75% of workplace harassment incidents go unreported. So, how do we ensure that those who believe they have been harassed feel comfortable stepping forward and raising a complaint with their employer?

If this is a first-time situation and you have no idea what to expect, that can be scary.  How will your employer react? Will you be treated differently? Who is going to find out and will anything actually be done to help you?  While recent news articles may have led you to believe otherwise, most organizations do want to do what is right. These 10 Expectations will help you  demystify the process and encourage more employees to feel empowered to step forward when something happens.