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HR Acuity Launches First-Ever Employee Relations Maturity Model, ER/Q

Jan 11, 2023

ER/Q is the first employee-relations specific maturity model designed to help organizations measure and improve their ER processes

HR Acuity, the only human resources SaaS solution designed for employee relations case management and investigations, today announced the launch of its industry-first employee relations maturity model, the Employee Relations Quotient or ER/Q. Deb Muller, HR Acuity founder and CEO, believes the most respected ER teams are those that build trust with employees and generate confidence with executives. “As the importance of employee relations skyrockets, ER professionals must have the ability to articulate both their vision for and the value they contribute to the organization.” According to Muller, ER professionals that can do this make a bigger impact within their organizations. “Teams with higher maturity levels communicate better with a variety of business stakeholders. As a result, they spend their time sharing insights and influencing policy conversations instead of putting out fires. Our new ER/Q is a perfect tool to help teams establish a realistic picture of where they are and feel confident about the steps they need to take to achieve their vision and improve their value.”

Using the model, ER teams quickly establish a baseline for their current maturity level based on the purpose, processes and influence the team currently has within the organization. Once the baseline is set, teams identify with the closest maturity profile and receive actionable steps to improve. Whether it’s an HR team handling it all or a dedicated ER function with multiple experts, HR Acuity built the ER/Q model to simplify the path leaders can take to accelerate maturity and achieve their vision.

Companies interested in learning their ER/Q can complete the assessment at

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