Expert Webinar: Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations in the Age of Privacy

Featuring GRC 20/20 Industry Analyst Michael Rasmussen

February 13, 2020, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. ET

Join HR Acuity and renowned governance, risk and compliance (GRC) expert Michael Rasmussen from industry analyst firm GRC 20/20 for insight and recommendations on the changing nature of employee investigations as regulations and risks escalate. 

Today’s organizations face an onslaught of legal, regulatory, compliance, and ethical risks that impact employees, their activities and their behavior. From privacy requirements like GDPR and CCPA, to traditional harassment, fraud, discrimination, and wage/hour, risks and exposure are growing.

Learn how you and your organization can:

  • Understand the growing range of employee related risks and the issues and cases that result 
  • Gain insight into changing privacy regulations, such as CCPA and GDPR, and their impact on investigations
  • Define an effective issue reporting, management and investigation strategy that crosses departments involved
  • Deliver a best-practice issue management and investigations process that is efficient, effective, and agile
  • Build a business case for a best-in-class process for your organization

Employee relations, HR, legal, risk and compliance practitioners – anyone who conducts workplace investigations – will benefit.

We are privileged to host Michael and look forward to welcoming you! Please invite your legal partners to join you! Register using the form to the right.


Michael RasmussenGRC 20/20 Analyst Michael Rasmussen