Template: Building Your Accountability Plan for Race Equality

How are you going to hold yourself personally and professionally accountable for fighting racism?

When it comes to ending systematic racism in our communities, organizations and society its important to keep in mind that it's a movement and not a moment. We have started engaging in conversations and have shared support but this is not enough and the real change will come from continuing to hold ourselves accountable and that starts by setting goals. 

Do you have an accountability plan for what actions you are going to take personally?

Do you have an action plan on how you are going to hold yourself accountable, continue your education and pledge to learn how to be an ally and advocate for the black community? We have created this quick template you can use to build your plan:

  • What books, articles, movies or podcasts are you going to engage with this month?
  • What diverse voices are your going to introduce into your weekly routine?
  • How are you going to embrace difficult conversations?
  • What ways are you going to give back and commit to change?

After you craft your personal accountability plan, what's next?

Share resources and experiences within your teams and community. Encourage your teams to leverage this template to create their own accountability plans. Revisit your plan on a regular basis and continue to add to it with new resources to read, new forums to participate in and new ways to mobilize your community and speak up as an anti-racist.

All actions are just a start, and this is just 2020. Systemic change will take time to uncover and relearn – but there is no question we must act.

If we can be a strategic partner for you or your organization around starting the conversation about race in your workplace please reach out at info@hracuity.com 

Download the Personal Accountability Plan for Race Equality today!