Case Study: Kittle Empowers People Managers to Handle Employee Issues on Their Own Using managER

The challenge: Having a centralized place for manager documentation of employee issues

Alysia Coulmont, Director, Talent and Performance Management, Dawn Wendt, Sr. Employee Relations Partner/Team Lead, and Sabrina Lindsey, Employee Relations Partner, make up the three-person employee relations team at Kittle Property Group. They handle Kittle’s employee relations function for the 500-employee company, which specializes in the development and management of apartment complexes and self-storage centers in 160 locations across 18 states.

Kittle has been using HR Acuity technology since 2019. We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Dawn and her team about their experience using managER, powered by HR Acuity that helps their people managers to address everyday employee issues, while Dawn and her team tackle the more complex ER work, including conducting investigations.

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kittle case study