Protecting Your People - Sexual Harassment Guide

Are You Protecting Your People?

How to Investigate and Prevent Sexual Harassment at Your Company

Addressing sexual harassment is as much about ensuring the safety of employees as it is mitigating risk and ensuring compliance. But if you’re only worried about legalities and compliance, you’re missing the big picture.

The ability to detect, investigate, and stop sexual harassment can have a positive impact on productivity, engagement, turnover, and a host of other key performance indicators. Taking proper actions to uncover, prevent, and correct harassing behaviors is not only a legal matter — it’s a strategic way to help reinforce organizational values and create a culture conducive to generating better business results. In this e-book, we explore:

  • What sexual harassment is, and what it isn’t
  • How to categorize issues according to severity
  • The five key elements of a strong prevention program
  • The proven three-step methodology to investigate sexual harassment

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