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Expert Webinar: Culture of Conversation and Trust


Toby Hervey

CEO and co-founder of professional coaching platform Bravely

Deb Muller

CEO of HR Acuity

Building a Culture of Conversation and Trust
A Discussion with the Founders of Bravely and HR Acuity

Transparency is one of the hottest topics in employee relations today. Employees are demanding openness, and HR teams are striving to deliver it..

At the same time, 70 percent of employees are avoiding a tough conversation with their managers, colleagues and HR/employee relations teams, stemming from fear of retaliation and perceived futility. The result is lack of trust between organizations and their people.

This conversation avoidance chips away at employees’ engagement and can ultimately drive them to leave their jobs — damaging the bottom line.

So how can organizations encourage people to speak up earlier, more often, and more productively? What does it look like to cultivate a culture of conversation and trust and rebuild this “speak up” environment?

Join Toby Hervey, CEO and co-founder of professional coaching platform Bravely, Deb Muller, CEO and founder of HR Acuity, for a discussion about:

– The future of work and the role that a transparent conversation culture plays in it
– The evolving state of HR and employee relations teams
– How tech is helping build a better workplace

Deb and Toby are joined by HR Acuity client Stacy Jester, Employee Relations leader from Lincoln Financial, along with Michelle Greenberg, Bravely Coach and HR Business Partner at Experian, for real-world perspective.

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