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[Podcast] Transparency in the Workplace: Building Trust through Clear Communication

May 15, 2024
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Employee relations professionals play a vital role in resolving issues and protecting both the company and the employees.

In this episode we speak with Rebecca Trotsky, Chief People Officer at HR Acuity to learn how the critical role of transparency plays into fostering trust and effective employee relations. We cover it all, from clear communication of processes to addressing evolving challenges like sexual harassment in remote work settings, the discussion underscores the pivotal responsibility of HR professionals in creating transparent cultures. Key themes explored include accountability, well-being and the ongoing journey towards fostering transparency in the workplace.


  • Transparency in the workplace is crucial for building trust and fostering a positive work environment.
  • Organizations should clearly define their processes and communicate them effectively to employees.
  • Employee relations professionals play a vital role in resolving issues and protecting both the company and the employees.
  • The definition and understanding of sexual harassment have evolved, and organizations need to address it in the remote work environment. Transparency is a goal that organizations should continuously strive for, even if it is never fully achieved.
  • HR and employee relations play a crucial role in fostering transparency and creating a culture of trust and accountability.
  • Mental health issues have become a top concern in the workplace, and organizations need to provide support and accommodations for employees.
  • Clear values and behaviors are essential in guiding employee conduct and addressing issues that are not explicitly covered in policies.
  • Transparency requires ongoing effort and adaptation to meet the changing needs and expectations of employees.



00:00 The Heart of Capitalism and Transparency

03:26 Introducing Rebecca Trotsky and HR Acuity

05:42 The Role of Employee Relations Professionals

09:20 The Importance of Transparency in Building Trust

11:57 Transparency in Addressing Employee Concerns

16:04 The Impact of Technology on Transparency

22:25 The Nuances of Sexual Harassment and Transparency

27:41 The Importance of Transparency in Employee Relations

28:06 Addressing Workplace Issues through HR and Employee Relations

29:29 Guiding Employee Conduct through Values and Behaviors

36:20 The Role of HR in Fostering Transparency

39:54 The Impact of Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

44:38 Innovative Approaches to Transparency in Employee Relations

48:43 Continuous Improvement in Transparency Efforts