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Expert Webinar: Employee Relations in Action – Spotlight with Allyson Parker at Ally Financial


Allyson Parker

Executive Director of Employee Relations & HR Risk and Analytics for Ally Financial

Deb Muller

HR Acuity CEO

How do you create an inclusive culture where all employees feel safe and heard? This is a timely question for employee relations leaders with the rise of employee activism, the racial justice movement and the anticipated impact of the upcoming election.

Join Allyson Parker, Executive Director of Employee Relations, HR Risk and Analytics for Ally Financial, and HR Acuity CEO Deb Muller for an interactive discussion of first-hand tips and best practices for employee relations leaders on managing racial injustice issues and how to engage in respectful discussions on social and political issues.

Allyson will share her personal experiences in the financial services industry and discuss:

  • How the financial industry is pivoting during the pandemic
  • How to create an inclusive culture where all employees feel safe and heard
  • Ways to address and support racial justice in the workplace
  • Ways to leverage employee data to track progress and anticipate trends

Allyson Parker also serves as Ally’s Chief Ethics Officer. In this role she is responsible for overseeing Ally’s Code of Conduct and Ethics; regulatory changes and policies impacting employment conditions; employee matters such as investigations, accommodations, and background checks; and activities related to HR business line risk.

Deb and Allyson will take questions in addition to their interactive discussion.

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