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Meet Your New Employee Relations Case Management Platform

Spot the small problems in real-time and deal with them the only way you can afford to: the right way. Our proprietary employee relations case management platform makes it easy to effectively identify and investigate employee relations issues, behaviors and patterns. 

Respond the Right Way. Every Time.

HR Acuity helps you categorize ER issues so you can address each one consistently and appropriately.

Green Light

These are every day, expected issues falling within company norms: you've got the green light — nothing outside of normal HR activity is required.

Yellow Light

These issues don’t happen every day for example repeat tardiness, failing performance, or "disrespect." These need to be scrutinized, documented thoroughly and monitored closely before they become a bigger problem.

Red Light

These are serious allegations of misconduct, harassment, retaliation, or discrimination. A thorough investigation is needed to protect your employees, your organization, and your brand.

Best Practices Are Our Only Practices

When an investigation is necessary, our proven three-step methodology guides you every step of the way.

Get everything in order. Create a blueprint by organizing all available information: involved parties, issues, interim actions, and investigators. Take everything you actually know to be true at this point, document it all and prepare for interviews.

Start gathering facts. Review documents and interview involved parties using our interview templates and evidentiary analysis. Our fact-finding techniques will keep the process moving while helping ensure an efficient and compliant investigation.

Bring it all together. Take your documented findings and determine a course of action. Review your plan and obtain approval from your organization’s stakeholders. Use the employee relations software to easily track communications and schedule follow-ups.

What is Issue Management?

HR professionals are often tasked with resolving issues that involve employee behavior and relations. These scenarios might include disputes among co-workers, cases of alleged harassment, accusations of malfeasance or violations of company policy. Proper resolution of these issues involves paying close attention to employees’ behavior to determine whether it contains any consistent patterns that warrant further punitive actions.

The use of an employee relations case management system enables HR managers to keep track of issues as they arise and provide reporting that can help prevent problems in the future.


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Frequently Asked Questions

An employee relations case management software platform like ours allows you to manage, document and resolve employee relations issues, quickly and transparently while mitigating risk, both financial and legal. HR Acuity has developed a powerful platform that is also more intuitive, customizable and accessible than other products you may have heard of or tried.

Any claim or allegation that has been or should be elevated to the level of human resources. Tardiness and excessive sick days could be mild, while harassment, discrimination and abuse of a fellow employee would be on the severe side. HR Acuity gives you a case management tracking system that allows you to discern mild from severe and a roadmap on how to proceed either way (see next section).

Could be anything that helps your ER team do their job more effectively. Could be as extensive as a case management software solution or as simple as an employee survey. HR Acuity gives you proprietary tools so your ER team can do their job better while making your organization better.

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